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Did you know there is more money in performing arts scholarships than athletics!

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We have 35 years of combined experience in helping students find the best collegiate situation for themselves, their families, and their talents. After many years of helping student-athletes acquire millions of dollars in scholarships, we have seen a tremendous need for students in the Performing Arts!

Performing Arts StudentPerforming Arts students do not have the same tools and scholarship information available as athletes regarding potential college programs. Yet, we are fortunate to have significant experience in capturing athletics and performing arts scholarships. This has provided us the ability to model athletics systems and approaches to the performing arts. We have created a new recruiting system very similar to the athletic model. We provide colleges/universities, whom typically do not have a performing arts recruiting budget as large as that for athletics, with potential candidates for their arts programs. Additionally, the typical performing arts student does not have the tools, resources or time to know about the entirety of all programs that may be a potential fit for their level of academics, performance, and social ability.

Our system puts much more in-depth financial aid information at your fingertips, and gives you an undeniable advantage in securing significant financial aid to help pay for every aspect of your college costs. Additionally, we offer you multiple choices of colleges and programs from which to choose, saving you precious time and money during a very busy transformation in your life. Our unique systems is the only one in the country that specializes in helping performing arts students become truly competitive candidates for phenomenal scholarships.

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There are more performing-arts scholarships than for athletics.
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