There’s a major difference between trying to get recruited and actually getting the job done. As athletes, you understand the importance of players performing their individual assignments during competition. The recruiting process is no different. We must create a sound game plan and everyone must do their part to ensure victory.


THE Harmony Recruiting GAME PLAN:

  1.  Qualify you as a legitimate college prospect.
  2. Promote your abilities nationally, ensuring maximum recruiting opportunities.
  3. Give you a competitive advantage over other students competing for the same position.
  4. Provide exposure to all schools that offer your particular performing art. The more exposure you receive, the more choices you have; the more choices you have, the more satisfied you will be with your college experience on all horizons.


The Role of Harmony Recruiting

  1.  Determine the student’s unique preferences and performing abilities-Harmony Recruiting agents will provide general guidelines for levels of ability.
  2.  Supply every college that offers that particular performing art with professional, credible information and thorough scouting reports of the kind, type, and frequency they desire and need.
  3.  Maintain constant contact and credibility with college directors. We speak personally with dozens of college professors per week via phone and e-mail.
  4.  Provide colleges with necessary evaluation tools and continual updates. (ie: edited videotape, seasonal/semester evaluations, skill improvements, academic data, stats, teacher’s comments, honors, camp attendance etc.)
  5. Consult with students and parents.


The Role of the Students & Parents:

  1. Your dedication, effort, and performance may have gotten you recognized by Harmony Recruiting, but it will take your commitment, openness, and follow through to get you recruited.
  2.  Sharpen your work ethic. Improve your skills and your grades. Maintain a good character, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude.
  3. Consult with parents about academic options and Agree upon your preferences. Relay that information to your Harmony Recruiting scout. You and your parents must concur upon your preferences so that Harmony Recruiting can expose you to the institutions that best meets these guidelines. However, skill will determine which schools will show interest regardless of promotion or preferences.
  4.  Provide Harmony Recruiting with information that is: Credible, High Quality, Timely, and Updated.
  •   Provide Harmony Recruiting with high quality video footage. Include skills demonstration, audition tape, a personal interview, and your teacher’s personal recommendation of you.
  •   Continuously submit relevant, credible information to improve your chances of being recruited.
  1. Maintain regular contact with your Harmony Recruiting Scout. We are working for you.

Recruiting today is very competitive. Harmony Recruiting has a proven successful system in place to assist you in the exposure/recruiting process. We are not a college and cannot give you a scholarship to any school you choose. Often the difference between success and failure is taking advantage of an opportunity. Will you allow some other student-performer to be more committed to this process, take more control and responsibility for their future, and end up taking away your performing opportunity?






  • Camps
  • Contact High School Directors
  • Invite for rehearsal
  • Invite to Campus
  • Offer Private Lesson with College Instructor
  • List of All-State and All-County
  • Extra curricular performances
  • Showcases
  • Requested Auditions