“Words can not express our gratitude for your personal involvement today in making Dan’s college choice the best one. Without the pertinent information you gathered, we could have made a big mistake….”

Sara & Raj Khan

“Asa is enrolled in Notre Dame College and doing very well. He is happy and feels like he has found a home. I just want to thank you for all of your help. You have been absolutely one of the most important pieces in this madness that I have been through. I do not know where I would have gone a couple of times if you were not around.”

John Braxton - Pittsburg PA

I”M HAPPY I”M LIVING MY DREAM!! My parents are happy because you saved them money:). There is no waaaay we could have done this without you…Thanks I am just minutes from NYC and Times Square.

Johnathon Ho - Class of 2019:)

“We are writing this letter to thank you for all that you have done to make us aware of the opportunities for our daughter, Sara. As parents, our goal was not to only find the right college for her personality but the one that would put her in the best position to succeed academically and performing. We have to admit, we had reservations when we first started talking to you… how hard could it be to pick a school? Little did we know! We were amazed at the quality of schools that were interested…. Whatever happens now is now in her hands, but as parents, we feel we have given her the best chance to succeed”

Mike & Shela Cieslewicz - Pasadena, CA

“I will be attending Swathmore College in the fall! Thank you for all your services. I know that I could not have gotten where I am without you!”

Melissa Bertosh - Seattle, WA

As a single mom searching for colleges seemed very confusing and overwhelming. Through your patience and knowledge you helped Jennifer and I find the perfect situation for our family. She’s thrilled that she will be able to dance in college and study in a field she loves. We are so grateful for Harmony Recruiting. Your guarantee made me feel secure that we would not lose any money. Again THANK YOU!!!!

Judy Farmington - Davie, FL

“At the start of my recruiting process I had limited options. After taking your advice and using all the tools in the system. I received multiple offers from coast to coast….I think I had more then 25 offers… I chose St Peters and am just minutes from NYC and Times Square. I would have never had this opportunity without your help…Thank you so much.”

Kris Grite - Frisco, TX

Thank you..Thank You..Thank you. Awesome job you did for our daughters. Now they can keep dancing in college.

Mary Steadman - IL

“College can be an incredibly stressful time for families. Rising financial costs, changes in family dynamics, future planning can seem insurmountable.  Using proper planning, strategies and outside expertise can help alleviate these factors. Students today have tremendous amounts of variables that can distract or create even greater sense of uncertainty on decision-making for their futures. We use Harmony Recruiting to help identify and recruit the best students for our programs. Harmony Recruiting allows the students and parents to understand their best options and be better prepared for this significant decision.”

Dr. Marc Nedelton - Dean Student Development